What Our Students Say...

We asked six current Year 7 students how they had settled into life at Northampton Academy and what they would say to current Year 6 students who are due to start in September, here is what they said....

How do you like Northampton Academy so far?

"Northampton Academy gives lots of opportunities. There is a Year 7 playground and Summer School which makes it much easier to settle in and make friends." Liam

"So far at Northampton Academy I have become a lot better at all my subjects. All of my teachers have been amazing and really helpful." Tayla

"It's going well, all the teachers are lovely and I really feel like I'm in a safe school." R'Naya

"I think that Northampton Academy is a very nice school and it really helps you make friends." Luther

"There are lots of opportunities such as doing extra-curricular clubs after school." Philipa

"I really like Northampton Academy because I have loads of friends and I get along well with the teachers." Kevanah

When you were in Year 6 at primary school, what were your worries about starting a new school?

"When I was in Year 6 I had lots of worries, such as the punishments, making new friends and how strict the teachers were going to be. When I started it was all ok, all the teachers were nice and helped me make new friends." Liam

"My worries in Year 6 were about not getting my homework done on time and finding the work hard." Philipa

"I was worried that I might get lost around the school and whether I would get along with all of my teachers." Tayla

"I worried about making no friends, eating and playing by myself." R'Naya

"I didn't really have worries but my friends did, like the Sixth Form students being so much older than us." Luther

"I was worried that I would not make any friends because I was the only one from my primary school going to Northampton Academy." Kevanah

How did the transition days help with these worries?

"The teachers talked to us about all our worries, the transition days were a really good way of and meeting our fellow Year 7 students and making new friends." Liam

"Transition days gave us confidence before starting this school in September as things were explained to us." Philipa

"The transition days helped me because we were able to look around the school and experience what would happen on any ordinary day." Tayla

"They helped me get to know who the teachers were and I met people who were also nervous about making new friends." R'Naya

"We worked together in groups, which helped us make friends" Luther

"It helped me to know what to expect my time at Northampton Academy would be like and it turned out even better than that!" Kevanah

Did you attend Summer School and if so, how did it help with your transition into Year 7?

"I did attend Summer School and it helped me meet all my new friends and teachers. We had a lot of fun!" Liam

"Yes, it gave us a chance to get to know the teachers and what it was going to feel like in September." Philipah

"Summer School helped me to understand what kind of activities you do with the teachers or other students. It also helped me know all the rules and expectations of the school." R'Naya

What else did the school to help you settle in?

"They gave lots of opportunities to everyone." Liam

"We spent time with students from Year 8, which made me feel more confident about school in Year 7." Philipa

"Friendly students helped me find my classes, or pointed me in the right direction." Tayla

"I found that taking part in sports clubs really helped me, they are a good way of making new friends." Luther

"One of the teachers went around with me, helping me introduce myself to people." Kevanah

What would you like to tell current Year 6 pupils about Northampton Academy?

"It is a great school, there are great teachers who give lots of support and a wonderful head teacher." Liam

"There is nothing to worry about, be brave and have confidence in yourself. Try your hardest to succeed, be respectful, determined and ambitious." Philipa

"All of the teachers are friendly and will help you do the best you can do. The school seems massive at first, but once you get to know it, it is really not that big." Tayla

"When you come to Northampton Academy you'll be amazed. I was when I first joined because it's such a big place as well as a good school. You make friends easily and quickly and get to know the teachers properly. All I'm saying is keep your head high and work to the best of your ability and you'll do well at this school." R'Naya

"That it's not as hard as you might expect and you should just try your best to make friends and do your work." Luther

"Northampton Academy is a really fun place, although we work hard we also have fun. It may be scary going from primary to secondary, but as soon as you come into school it is all alright." Kevanah



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